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Building and Construction

CME’s Advanced Composite products have been designed and formulated to meet the special needs of the building and construction industry. Adopting a systems approach, CME is developing a technology and designing solutions to help improve the speed to market, reduce the weight and improve the performance.

Targeting traditional materials such as concrete, steel, aluminium and timber, CME’s advanced composite materials and production processes, offer improved mechanical properties, water resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, fire retardant properties. Advanced Composites will offer a reduction in weight of 25% over traditional materials.

Typical applications are shower bases, electrical enclosures, structural floors, wall cladding, water panels for water tanks, door skins, streetlights, waffle forms/slabs and roof tiles.

CME Advanced Composites will tailor a composites solution and offer full project management capability.


  • High strength – long life under even extreme weather exposure
  • Lightweight – easy to transport and install
  • Low flammability (where required)
  • Part consolidation
  • Low tooling investment

CME Value Added Services

  • Material development and customisation
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering and design support
  • Part or full project management

Quality and Other Certifications

  • ISO – 9001