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Electrical and Electronic

Advanced Composite Materials are ideal for electrical and electronic applications because of their high Dielectric strength and Arc Resistance properties.
In combination with an elevated continuous operating temperature, advanced composite materials are ideal to act for a wide range of electrically insulation applications.
CME thermoset materials provide maximum fire protection using environmentally friendly mineral compounds. Advanced composites are stable through a wide range of operating temperatures varying from as low as –40°C to +60°C and even more using developed compound and moulding techniques and speciality formulations.
CME formulates SMC to the customised standards and with the design freedom available, are ideal for applications demanding ex-proof performance.
With the capability to customise formulations, CME has proven success in supplying components that are required to operate in other aggressive environments. Including frequent temperature loads, outdoor exposure, rough weather conditions, anti-static and chemical attack. Offshore exploration rigs and mining environments are the most challenging examples. Most common applications are lamp housings, terminal boxes, electrical enclosures, plugs, sockets and components for distribution of energy.
More intricate and compact designs, constantly increasing material requirements and cost constraints, will make the use of our material even more compelling in the future.
Benefits of Advanced Composites

  • Strong, durable – long life under even extreme weather exposure
  • Lightweight – easy to transport and install
  • Reinforcement offer superior sidewall strength
  • UV protection
  • Fire retardant with non-toxic smoke
  • Fast turn – up on production
  • Weight Reduction
  • Dimensional Stability

CME Value Added Services

  • Materials formulated for U.V- stability, stain-resistance
  • Engineering and design support
  • Prototyping
  • Tool Design and construction

Quality and Other Certifications

  • ISO-9001