• Composite Wheel Tub

    composites wheeltub

    By using advanced composite materials, car manufactures are able to save weight, without sacrificing strength. Thereby increasing the full efficiency and performance of their cars.

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  • Advanced Composites in Solar

    advanced composite solar panel1

    Advanced Composites in Solar Technique Solar Ltd (TSL) was incorporated in 2003 following years of research at RMIT University. The technology breakthrough..

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  • Nestable Euro pallet

    composites pallet

    By replacing conventional wooden pallets, with stronger, lighter, reusable euro pallets, CME can increase efficiency and reduce cost and environmental impact of your logistics operations.

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  • Underbody Shields

    composites underbody

    Strong and lightweight properties of CME advanced composites enable car manufactures to replace many parts previously using heavier metals or expensive alloys

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  • Structural Body Panels

    composites panel case1

    CME has been using advanced composite materials to reduce weight without sacrificing strength in the Automotive industry. This includes Body panels for GM and Ford.

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