• Composite Wheel Tub


    By using advanced composite materials, car manufactures are able to save weight, without sacrificing strength. Thereby increasing the full efficiency and performance of their cars.

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  • Advanced Composites in Solar


    Advanced Composites in Solar Technique Solar Ltd (TSL) was incorporated in 2003 following years of research at RMIT University. The technology breakthrough..

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  • GLOPAL nestable pallet


    By replacing conventional wooden pallets, with stronger, lighter, reusable GLOPAL pallets, CME can increase efficiency and reduce cost and environmental impact of your logistics operations.

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  • Underbody Shields


    Strong and lightweight properties of CME advanced composites enable car manufactures to replace many parts previously using heavier metals or expensive alloys

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  • Structural Body Panels


    CME has been using advanced composite materials to reduce weight without sacrificing strength in the Automotive industry. This includes Body panels for GM and Ford.

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