CME Road Barriers (Water and Concrete Filled)

CME barrier1
The CME Barrier system is composed of two faces, which face each other from the barrier traffic, their outer surfaces are smooth and have no sharp edges, the inner faces are provided with enough ribs to side pressures concrete own working position.

CME barrier2
The barrier SYSTEM can be filled with concrete to form the final barrier. Alternative such as soil, water or sand (using plastic bags) can be used for temporary placement.

CME barrier3
The CME Road Barrier can also have provisional barriers equipped with interior lighting and night function as beacons to avoid accidents. These will glow so oncoming traffic can see the Barriers if they are in a precarious position. It will be lightweight and not as bulky.

CME Barrier Features

  • Light Weight – Volume of Barriers on trucks increases to as many can fit in the truck. (Concrete is limited in the number of Barriers per truck)
  • Alternative Materials used in filling – concrete, sand, water, soil, etc.
  • Can be lit up at night as a beacon – Lights inserted into the Barrier to light the product up at night


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