CME Stackable Access Chamber

Advanced Composite manhole

In addition, it provides a much more rigid sidewall in larger chambers and has good thermal stability in extremes of temperature.

Sheet Moulding Compound

  • Capable of vertical loads of 60 tonnes
  • Very strong sidewall loading
  • Good thermal stability in extremes of temperature (-60°C to +160°C)
  • Available in a fire retardant material
  • Large range of sizes and can be fabricated
  • Long life – not affected by frost, acids, alkalis or diesel – all concrete killers

CME Composite Covers

Advanced Composite manhole_cover

  • Produced from Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), a type of glass reinforced polyester resin (SMC)
  • 25 tonnes, 12.5 tonnes and 1.5 tonnes loadings available
  • Covers are light in weight and fall below the 25kg single person safe lifting weight
  • No inherent scrap value
  • The following options are available throughout the range
  • Badging can be created to meet the customer’s requirements, such as name and company logo
  • Locking available
  • Used in conjunction with CME Stackable Access Chambers


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