Core Trays

Advanced Composite soil tray2Advanced Composite Core Tray are manufactured from compression moulded SMC to ensure it is corrosion proof and cannot cross-contaminate the stored ore, even those ores that are highly acidic or alkaline, or in high levels of humidity. The Core Tray is manufactured from white High Strength Composites so it is visible underground and at night. The Core Tray is designed to be stored in stacks on pallets or similar hard stand areas. Each tray is equipped with interlocking lugs at each corner that mate with the tray above, ensuring stable stacking. The stacks of trays are readily strapped for transport.

Advanced Composite  soil tray

Core Tray Lids

Core Tray lids are designed to fit snuggly. This prevents the core samples from being contaminated and keeps them safe and dry.

  • Core Trays features in a high strength composite
  • Made from Advanced Composite Materials
  • Totally corrosion proof
  • High Strength – same as steel
  • Light weight
  • No corrosion or cross-contamination of stored ore
  • No magnetic interference with core evaluation
  • Excellent longevity and durability
  • Increased safety; no cuts or handling burns
  • Recyclable
  • Made from high strength composite available in a variety of colours
  • Clearly visible at night and underground
  • Easy to write on
  • One-piece moulding with no pop rivets or welds
  • Increased strength and reduced failure rate
  • Reduced wastage
  • Increased safety
  • For easy, stable stacking and transportation
  • Core tray lids
  • Designed to allow stacking
  • Snug fit lid prevents contamination ingress and keeps vermin and insects out
  • Made from long lasting zinc/al
  • Keeps cores safe and dry
  • Return folded edges add strength and reduce cut injuries


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