Rail Cable Duct (Trough)

Advanced Composite Cable ducting

Features and Benefits over Steel

  • Improved Safety: Electrically insulated
  • Quick Installation: Installed 5 times quicker than traditional materials of concrete and steel
  • Light Weight: Optimised to be light in weight (under 10kg per unit)
  • Durable: Ultra high Impact strength capable of withstanding shock loads
  • High Strength: Ribbed externally for excellent sidewall strength
  • Passes Australian Standards: Complete unit meets 1.5T (A15) vertical test load
  • Dual Hinged Covers: Covers are dual hinged on either side and can be opened in either direction
  • Individual Locking and Opening Covers: Covers can be locked and opened individually or as a combination of several covers
  • Design Flexibility: Can be designed with feet on the side of the unit to key-in into the surrounding ballast
  • Radiuses Dom to Prevent Water Build-up – Cover lid is domed to allow water to drain off but raised tread pattern is level
  • Water Draining: Unit is moulded with base holes for drainage or anchoring
  • Easy to access and replace: Cable trough units in a run can be removed and replaced easily
  • Low Expansion Rate: SMC has a very low expansion and is not affected by static
  • Allows for movement: 1-3° of movement possible with connected units
  • Fire Retardant: Can be made fire-retardant for use in tunnels

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