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Our strategy is to not sell a technology, rather make sure we offer the right technology for the application. If needed we can formulate a material that will meet your requirement, this maybe include a fire rating, weight require or design requirement not achieved in traditional composites or other materials such as steel or timber among many other reasons.

At CME we offer more than traditional composite business and plastic moulders. We will work with you to understand the requirements and performance specification of your product needed and engineer a composite to suit the application. May other composite businesses and moulder will select and off the shelf material and try and achieve the performance through design. We will work with our customers to select the best technology and processing techniques to compliment design to achieve the optimal performance.

We start with the raw materials, compound the materials internally and process them. This gives our customers the most update date technology available and help them differentiate themselves to importers or their competitors. This will ensure the quality of the product going forward knowing that the materials are the same and there is no batch to batch variation.