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Quality assurance and R&D are the integral parts of our business. We have an experts’ on-hand to carry out all the material formulations and customised product development. We continually:

  • Test raw materials
  • Monitor product quality
  • Analyse materials in order to ascertain physical properties
  • Determine material requirements via finite element analysis modelling
  • Measure and monitor dimensional tolerances of manufactured parts

Alliances between our engineering team, independent scientific and industrial research organisations and academic institutions such as Australia’s top universities, provide the backbone of our industry-driven developments. Through our combined efforts, technological breakthroughs have become commonplace.

Our strategy is to not sell a technology, rather make sure we offer the right technology for the application. If needed we can formulate a material that will meet you requirement, this maybe include a fire rating, weight require or design requirement not achieved in traditional composites or other materials such as steel or timber among many other reasons.

CME’s background of being the first Q1 composites supplier to the Australian Market and the First Global Supplier with Q1 certification at to the Ford Motor Company has breed good practices into our people and processes to ensure we offer our customer a competitive edge over the competition.